What's the Goal? 
Our Goal is to Sponsor 25 
Young Content Creators with Scholarships
to Attend CONTENT2023.

(Goal Tally: 10 Scholarships Funded, 15 to go by 8/1)

Why are you doing this?

To make a direct impact on Young Content Creators who will in turn 
produce God honoring, family honoring, Bible honoring CONTENT. 
A scholarship will also provide the needed training and networking with professionals in the industry.
When you partner with us, you help the younger generation to become the 
next media leaders to take the media mountain for Jesus Christ.

When is the Deadline?

The deadline is 25 scholarships funded by 8/1/2023.
Your gift is tax deductible.

Who Benefits from a Scholarship?

YOUNG CONTENT CREATORS who are 25 and under
who want to make an impact for Jesus through media!
(ie - actor, writer, producer, director, designer, editor,
production team, news journalist, podcaster, marketer, distributor to name a few)
(For your assurance - all scholarships given out are application approved)

What's The Breakdown?

On Average $300 will Sponsor ONE Young Content Creator 
ages 25 and under, to attend CONTENT2023.
This covers ALL 4 DAYS, one bootcamp and meals.
- $300 sponsors ONE
- $900 sponsors THREE
- $1,500 sponsors FIVE

- $3,000 sponsors TEN

How Does it Work?

A. You give a GIFT of any size to sponsor a Young Content Creator.
B. We MATCH your gift to a Young Content Creator.
C. YOU have the assurance of making an Eternal Difference
for the younger generation.
D. You gift is tax deductible.

Our Promise to You

As a 501C3 non-profit charitable organization,
We take your gifts seriously, and we make every effort
to maximize your investment in our worldwide media ministry.
Every gift we receive makes an Eternal Difference and you receive the fruit of it also!

This is where you come in

May I ask you to consider sponsoring in part or whole One or more young content creators?
Our goal is to provide 25 scholarships.
Partner with us to help the next generation take the media mountain.
(Goal Tally: 10 Scholarships Funded, 15 to go by 8/1/23)

Giving Options

1. Credit Card - Scroll down and fill out 

2. Give by Check
Make check payable to: Christian Media
Mail to: Christian Media, PO Box 212, Peaster, Texas, 76485
(send us a note its coming so we can add your gift to our goal - Click here)

3. Give by Donating a Vehicle, Cycle, RV, Boat or Plane - Click here
(note - one vehicle could possibly sponsor 5 to 10 young filmmakers)

(Goal Tally: 10 Scholarships Funded, 15 to go by 8/1)

1. Give By Credit Card

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